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The benefits of advertising with TableTop Promotions' one of a kind advertising approach are endless! At TableTop Promotions we firmly believe the success of your advertisement lies with our unique presentation, immeasurable exposure, and unprecedented cost advantages.

  • Our TableTops are designed in full color. Advertising in color dramatically increases the readership of your ad. Four-color ads receive 38% more readers than their black and white counterparts. The use of color initially attracts attention to your message and engages the reader to focus on the content of your advertising agenda. In a nutshell, color enables you to reach your target market with maximum impact.

  • Many people dine and shop with friends and family. TableTop advertising gives them the opportunity to comment and discuss the ads in front of them at the table. This provides the opportunity for the word-of-mouth testimonials your company desires, especially if their experience while viewing your ad has been positive.
  • With our annual space agreements, your advertisement will be receiving active visual exposure all day!
  • With TableTop Promotions thousands of consumers will repeatedly sit in front of your service message for a half hour to several hours each day! Because your message is in front of your reader for an extended period of time, the opportunity for your message to be read and absorbed dramatically increases, thus increasing the potential for the consumer to act upon that message.

  • On a "cost per qualified exposure basis", TableTop Promotions' design is one of the most effective forms of advertising you can purchase today!
  • TableTop Promotions gives you the ability to maximize your dollar with low cost annual space agreements. Our TableTops have the power to maximize your advertising dollar with exposure to an unlimited number of potential customers.

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