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Saleable experiences come in four varieties: entertainment, education, esthetic, and escapist. Spending time equals spending money, and to spend money you have to spend time. Retailers have to provide prospective customers with an experience. TableTop Promotions' techniques spotlight the consumers "experience" with an intriguing display while a prospective customer is off guard and relaxed.

You're probably asking, "What makes TableTop Promotions, Inc. a desirable partner to help you with your advertising needs?"
  • TableTop Promotions' modular design can maximize your opportunity for incremental revenues!
  • Our TableTops have the power to promote shopper-specific advertising, branding and customer service.
  • Build loyalty by providing a convenience and service to shoppers.
  • TableTops are an excellent form of value adding with no time invested. Let TableTop Promotions do all the work!
  • Important ties take place with regard to business-to-business relationships. Sales are drawn through referrals.
  • Goodwill... products and services will be getting high quality exposure to the community.

Should I advertise with the Restaurant Industry?
If you have competitors working to attract your customers, or if you want to consistently grow your sales and make more money, then advertising is a necessity. The key is to know who your customer is, and why they like to do business with you. Once you know the characteristics of your best customers, you simply need to target your advertising in a way that converts prospective customers with similar characteristics into loyal customers. It is important to remember that most businesses are simply unable to effectively be all things to all people. Always keep in mind that when you select TableTop Promotions as your advertising vehicle you are buying an audience. The goal is to buy the right audience for your business and improve your chances for success. (See our demographics page).

How long does it take for advertising to begin working at these locations?
This depends on what you are selling and the offer you're making.  Tell people to visit you for a free $50.00 bill, and you'll have a traffic jam outside your business.  Otherwise advertising is similar to pushing a car, it is tough at first, but the more you push, the easier it gets.  Soon enough you can move the car along with minimum effort.  We tell our new clients, In three months you'll hate me, in six months you'll talk to me again, and in ten months you'll be inviting me to your house for dinner. Stick with your plan and you'll be provided a healthy return on investment. Our tabletop advertising unit is a high-quality capsule that allows a three-dimensional advertisement to be displayed within a food service environment. We've had advertisers tell us that they would get calls from acquaintances telling them they just had lunch with them. So, we know your prospects do and will read your ad.

What does "Differentiation" have to do with my Business? In some cases, there may actually be little or no difference between your product or service and that of your competitors. Or, the differences may be very difficult to communicate (think of the difference between Coke and Pepsi.) In that case, it's up to us to create some differences. "Differentiation" is the collection of differences in features and benefits versus competitive products. The key is to determine how important these collective differences are to the buyer. Communication of important differences is the basis for a successful positioning strategy.

"Positioning" is adding brand value to this collection of differences in the mind of the buyer. In other words, you must solve the problem of how to communicate a meaningful difference about your business idea to the people who are most interested in buying it.

Meaningful differences in your product or service, compared to that of your competitors, should be created and communicated to your target buyer via pricing, features and benefits, product design, colors, using our ad development. Everything should work together to promote a consistent image for your product or service.


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