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Who is the typical TableTop Promotions audience?
Given the unlimited possibilities within food courts, local community restaurants and the local hotel/motel environment, just about everyone. The continuous and abundant flow of consumers thorough these types of businesses make them the ideal locations for TableTop advertising.


According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association in 2003 Lodging Industry Profile, 52% of adults traveling together are traveling for leisure. Furthermore, 29% are transient business travelers, 25% are convention/meeting attendees, 25% are traveling for vacation, and 22% are attending a special event or personal business.


According to "The Scarborough Restaurant Report," research revealed that in a typical 30-day period, fully 96% American adults eat at a restaurant at least once. Furthermore, 84% eat at a sit-down restaurant.


According to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), the average mall dedicates 24,000 square feet to food... the reason for all this space? Shoppers stay longer. In fact, of the shoppers who spend more than two hours at the mall, 60 percent of them stop for a bite to eat, according to ICSC data ("Mellody Hobson: Become a Savvy Mall Shopper" abcNEWS, June 21, 2006).

2005 ICSC research also reveals...
  • Shoppers made 3.1 shopping mall visits per month or about 37 trips annually.
  • About 1 in 2 shoppers/diners spend from 30 minutes to one hour in the mall.

  1. Studies suggest that nearly 60% of shoppers have not made up their mind about what to purchase when they enter their car to go out on a shopping excursion.

    *TableTop Promotions  targets the best possible locations to coax the prospective shopper into a purchase decision.

  2. Companies are looking for more accuracy [medium=results] in advertising to help save time and money. Businesses want strong results-oriented advertising campaigns backed by an increase in profit.

    *TableTop Promotions provides cost-effective and time-sensitive advertising with unlimited possibilities for business growth and success.

  3. Saleable experiences come in four varieties: entertainment, education, esthetic, and escapist. Retailers have to provide customers with an experience.

    *TableTop Promotions spotlights your customer's "experience" in an intriguing display while the customer is off-guard and relaxed.

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